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Sponsored Players

Please note all of our Sponsored Membership categories are full for the 2023 season. If you are interested in membership for future seasons, please contact Beth Yaremchuk to inquire further.

Sponsored Junior & Intermediate Players

Under the EPGCC sponsored golfer program, Shareholders have the ability to add up to three Sponsored Juniors and three Sponsored Intermediate golfers to their membership. This allows Shareholder's sons or daughters to play with their friends and build our Junior program.
 The age categories are as follows:
Sponsored Junior A - Ages 12-15
Sponsored Junior B - Ages 16-18
Sponsored Intermediate B - Ages 19-28
Sponsored Intermediate C - Ages 29-35
The category in which a Junior or Intermediate falls is determined by their age on or before August 30th of the year in which their season is to be played. 

Fees for sponsored golfers will be applied directly to their member account and a valid credit card must be kept on account. If you are interested in sponsoring a golfer this season or playing as a sponsored player, please complete the applicable form or call Beth Yaremchuk, Membership & Marketing Coordinator at 780.470.0700 ext 2,1